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Jump Rope FAQs

How do I determine my size?

Rope City's easy-adjust handles allow you to lengthen or shorten each rope to your desire. As you become more proficient with jump roping, you can shorten the length. Visit our sizing guide  for more information.

What if I'm in-between two sizes?

This is common problem people encounter when purchasing from most jump rope providers, but not at Rope City. Our easy-adjust handles allow you to shorten or lengthen the rope to your desire.

How do I take care of my handles?

To maximize the life and performance of your jump rope handles, please make sure to keep them clean and dry at all times. Do not leave your handles out in the rain or submerge them in water. Instead, use a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

Can Rope City cables be used outdoors?

Our ropes are made with a durable material that can be used indoors or outdoors. Note: Even though our ropes can be used outdoors, use on non-abrasive indoor surfaces will increase the lifespan of a rope.

It looks like some of the coating wore off my cable. Is this normal?

Although you can greatly increase the life of the coating by jumping on non-abrasive surfaces like foam or rubber, the coating will eventually wear off. It will wear off faster on asphalt, concrete and hard textured surfaces. One benefit of the Rope City System is that you can replace these high performance ropes for a fraction of the cost of replacing a full high quality jump rope since a new rope can be purchased individually and can be easily inserted into our easy-adjust handles. Some of our customers also choose to wrap the worn area of the rope in a strong tape. If the steel cable is exposed or starts to fray, stop using your rope and consider a replacement.

Can I bring my jump rope in my carry on bag at the airport?

We have heard of rare instances internationally where Rope City cables have been confiscated, but there is typically no issue.  We do recommend inserting your rope into the easy-adjust handles in your bag so it is immediately recognized as a jump rope.

What type of shoes should I use when jumping rope?

There are a number of different footwear options when jumping rope. We recommend that you look for a shoe that has good full-foot cushioning, a relatively flat sole (avoid deep grooves), and a sole that extends to the front of the shoe in order to protect your toes.


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