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The Jump Rope: The All-Purpose Gym

When people start out on a search for a jump rope, its oftentimes purposed for one of two uses. The most common use is children’s games and entertainment. Jump ropes are found in every school gymnasium in America. For the fitness enthusiast, most ropes are purchased with a cardiovascular workout in mind, but this simple tool offers so much more. This rope with two handles helps develop coordination, enhance cardiovascular endurance, it’s a solid resource to develop both upper and lower-body fast twitch fibers, and it provides healthy enjoyment for adults and children alike. Click Here to Buy the Least Expensive Home Gym on the Market!!! What’s the difference? Cost Because jump ropes offer a large variety of activity, manufacturers...

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Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints [How to Choose The Best One]

Shin splints are the worse. That’s why having the right compression sleeves for shin splints is crucial to help recover from and prevent shin splints from keeping you away from your favorite physical activities. And if you’ve never had shin splints, then consider yourself lucky. They can happen to anyone, anywhere and at anytime.   In this article, I plan to provide you with information to what exactly shin splints are, the symptoms of shin splints, benefits of having good compression sleeves for shin splints and most importantly how to choose the right compression sleeves so you won’t have to deal with the crippling pain that accommodates this very annoying condition.   What Are Shin Splints? According to Healthline, shin splints...

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Should I Jump Rope Before or After My Workout?

The million dollar question: should you jump rope before or after you workout? If you think you’re the first person to ever ask yourself this question, think again. Many people face this question every day they workout. While many ponder on this question thinking that there is no real answer and it’s a matter of personal preference, it’s my goal to find out which one is actually better, jumping rope before or after your workout. Buy Your Jump Rope now while You Ponder this Question!!! Of course, personal preference may certainly play a part in whether or not it’s better to jump rope before or after you workout, and I’m not here to say that it doesn’t.. However, I believe...

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7 Calf Stretches for Tight Calves

Let’s face it, trying to work out with tight calf muscles suck.   Whether you are a sports athlete, long distance runner, CrossFit junkie or just someone who loves living a healthy lifestyle and staying fit, you need your calf muscles to be loose and feeling good to complete your workouts. When they are tight or incredibly sore, it can make things uncomfortable and affect your performance.   Even though we all know what it’s like to have to deal with calf cramps, calf strains or just overly sore calves, most people still don’t stretch their calves like they should. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it’s the most under stretched muscle in the body....

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8 Best Jump Rope Mats [Where to Buy and More]

If you’re reading this article then I’m assuming you’re interested in having the absolute best jump rope mat there is. Well, it’s our intention to provide you with as much useful information that we can to help you make the right decision. In this article, we lay out the 8 best jump rope mats that we have found ranked in order. We have also laid out exactly how we graded each individual mat, what all you should consider before choosing your jump rope mat and why it’s important to have the right jump rope mat. The seven attributes that we used to grade each mat, which you will see listed in the chart below, are grip, durability, portability, length, thickness,...

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