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If you’re reading this article then I’m assuming you’re interested in having the absolute best jump rope mat there is. Well, it’s our intention to provide you with as much useful information that we can to help you make the right decision.

In this article, we lay out the 8 best jump rope mats that we have found ranked in order. We have also laid out exactly how we graded each individual mat, what all you should consider before choosing your jump rope mat and why it’s important to have the right jump rope mat.

The seven attributes that we used to grade each mat, which you will see listed in the chart below, are grip, durability, portability, length, thickness, the reviews and of course the cost. We also give you a detailed description of what you can expect from each jump rope mat.

So without further ado, here are the 8 best jump rope mats.


Best Mats



  • 1. Rope City - Jump Rope Mat



    We think this jump rope mat by Rope City is the absolute best jump rope mat you can buy. It has all of the essential qualities you want out of your jump rope mat. 

    Grip: The best part about this mat is that it’s perfect for jump roping and any workout. The mat is presented in two colors: grey and pink.

    Durability: Special sticky non slip texture on both sides and density higher than ordinary mats, provides excellent traction and superior grip, best suitable to practice. Non slip on wood floor, tile floor, cement floor,durable, no latex, high strength of tear resistance , moisture resistant.

    Portability: This mat is very easy to transport from one place to another.

    Length: 50x24 inch offers adequate space to fit any type of exercises. Offers the most comfortable experience for all levels.

    Thickness: The mat is 0.3 inch extra thick, high density provides excellent cushioning and resilience.

    Reviews: The website has lots of reviews, all of them are five star reviews. Backed by positive reviews, you should feel confident purchasing this mat.

    Cost: $54.90 (free shipping)

    Where to Buy: Rope City


  • 2. Rogue Fitness - Go Mat 2.0

  • The Go Mat 2.0 is the thickest jump rope mat on this list. It’s ¾ inch thickness goes unmatched and allows for almost any type of workout. Although it is thicker, it is also one of the most portable mats on this list as it rolls up in a manner that is completely unique to its competition.

    Grip: The grip is the one element that keeps the Go Mat 2.0 from being number one on the list. While it does have a non slip vinyl surface, it’s negative reviews state that it has a tendency to be more slippery than desired.

    Durability: Due to its extreme thickness, this jump rope mat has almost a 0% chance of having holes. However, it’s foam surface can begin to tear up over time, which is why we gave the durability a “good” and not a “great.”

    Portability: The ease of transportation is the best part about this mat. It has been uniquely designed to allow for easy roll up and carry. You can fit the mat in a gym bag, locker, etc.

    Length: The Go Mat 2.0 is slightly longer than most jump rope mats, which allows for various kinds of other workouts. The official dimensions are 2.6 feet in width and 6 feet in length.

    Thickness: With three times the thickness of all other mats, this ¾ inch thick mat is perfect for those who like a slightly softer surface to jump rope on.

    Reviews: This jump rope mat has a total of 7 reviews with 5 five star reviews, a one star review and an average review rating of 4.1.

    Cost: 69.99

    Where to Buy: Rogue Fitness


  • 3. Crossrope - Crossrope Mat

  • The Crossrope mat is also great because it is designed to be purely a jump rope mat, instead of a fitness mat. While it doesn’t have any unique qualities that stand out, it does have all of the attributes needed for a great jump rope mat.

    Grip: This jump rope mat has a reliable, no slip surface. While it isn’t as padded as the Go Mat 2.0, it still allows for a smooth landing on your jumps and prevents the jump rope from dragging and slowing down as you jump.

    Durability: Overall the Crossrope mat is very durable. A few negative reviews suggest that the mat is too heavy, however, I would argue that is exactly why it is such a durable jump rope mat.

    Portability: The Crossrope mat can be rolled up and transported fairly easily. However, as previously mentioned, it can be viewed as heavy in the minds of some, which is why we rated the portability as “below average.”

    Length: This jump rope mat is an ideal size of 2.6 feet wide and 5 feet in length. If you plan to do exercises that require much more movement and space(burpees, mountain climbers, etc.) then you may need a longer, possibly wider jump rope mat. However, the Crossrope mat is perfect for jumping rope.

    Thickness: The Crossrope mat is the average ¼ inch thick.

    Reviews: You can feel certain you are getting a good jump rope mat with this one as the Crossrope mat has 97 reviews, most of which are positive and from verified buyers.

    Cost: $39.95

    Where to Buy: Crossrope


  • 4. Yoga Outlet - Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

  • Although it’s technically a yoga mat, the Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Mat offered by Yogaoutlet is a fantastic fitness mat for jumping rope as well. It has a fantastic non slip grip with extra thick cushioning. Yoga mats make good jump rope mats for those who may suffer from knee pain after jumping rope as they provide a softer, easier landing on each jump.

    Grip: The grip is the best part of this mat. It provides an extra thick surface that absorbs moisture, so you will never have to worry about slipping if the mat was to get wet.

    Durability: Due to its softer nature this mat is not as durable as some of the other jump rope mats, but you shouldn’t have too many problems with it. Although it’s not designed for a lot of force, this mat should hold up fairly well.

    Portability: This mat is very easy to transport from one place to another. It rolls up easily and has straps to keep the mat from rolling back out as you carry it.

    Length: Designed for yoga, this jump rope mat is 2 feet wide and 5.6 feet in length. Since it is longer, you can do other plyometric style workouts with this mat.

    Thickness: This mat by Yogaoutlet is a ¼ of an inch thick.

    Reviews: This mat has 26 reviews and all but a few are five star reviews, so you can feel confident that you can feel confident that you are getting exactly what you paid for when you order this jump rope mat.

    Cost: $59.95

    Where to Buy: Yoga Outlet


  • 5. Beachbody - Beachbody Jump Mat


    The Beachbody jump mat was also designed to specifically be a jump rope mat, so it is certainly not a bad choice. The only problem with this mat, however, is the lack of available information about the mat. There is only one review listed on their website and very few photos and descriptions of the jump rope mat. With that said, Beachbody is a trustworthy brand and this mat is sure to deliver.

    Grip: As it is designed for jumping, the Beachbody Jump Mat has a nice no slip grip. It’s made of high density foam and provides a soft, joint supported landing on each jump. The only knock is that it can become slippery if the mat gets wet.

    Durability: This jump rope mat should be durable, however it is hard to know for sure due to the limited reviews. Nonetheless, it’s thick, high density foam should hold up well over time.

    Portability: This mat rolls up very easily and can easily be transported and stored.

    Length: This jump rope mat is approximately 2 feet wide and 6 feet in length, which allows for ample amount of space while jumping rope.

    Thickness: The Beachbody Jump Mat is the average ¼ inch thick.

    Reviews: The only thing holding this mat back are the reviews. There is only one review listed on their product page, which is a positive four star review.

    Cost: $59.85

    Where to Buy: Beachbody


  • 6. Dick’s Sporting Goods - Multi-Purpose Mat

  • In comparison to the other mats, the Dick’s Multi-Purpose Mat didn’t seem to stack up real well to the other jump rope mats. However, it has been a hot selling mat with 144 reviews on their website. Good reviews are arguably most important consideration when deciding what to purchase, and this jump rope mat certainly meets that criteria. So although it isn’t ranked in the top five, you can feel good about purchasing this extremely affordable fitness mat.

    Grip: The term “multi-purpose” is normally viewed as a positive characteristic. However, this article grades according to each mats ability as a jump rope mat, and I believe this mat is too “multi-purpose.” It is mainly designed for protecting equipment, therefore it is less absorbent on each jump and isn’t exactly designed for jumping.

    Durability: This mat received a poor rating for durability due to a number of negative reviews that state the mat had holes in it after very little use. Keep in mind that most reviews are positive, so the “below average” durability rating may be a slight overreaction.

    Portability: This fitness mat rolls up very easily and can be transported with ease despite being slightly heavier than the average jump rope mat.

    Length: As one of the larger mats, the dimensions of this fitness mat is 3 feet wide and 6.5 feet in length.

    Thickness: The Dick’s Multi-Purpose Mat is a ¼ of an inch thick.

    Reviews: The reviews are the best part of this mat, but they aren’t all five star reviews.The average rating is 4.3 out of 5. There are 144 reviews for this product.

    Cost: $29.99

    Where to Buy: Dick’s Sporting Goods


  • 7. Net Nutri - Valeo Foam Exercise Mat

  • The Valeo Foam Exercise Mat by Net Nutri is arguably the most portable mat on this list of best jump rope mats. It folds up very easily and has straps to keep it tightly rolled up. Also, it is lightweight which makes it even easier to transport. With that said, because of it’s lightweight nature, it is less durable than most jump rope mats and it’s lack of reviews are concerning. However, Net Nutri offsets all concerns by backing this product with a one year warranty.

    Grip: This mat allows you to use both sides depending on the exercise you are doing. One side is layered and the other side is smooth. Overall the layered surface makes for a good no slip grip. However, it can become slippery if it were to get wet.

    Durability: As mentioned previously, the durability of the Valeo Foam Exercise Mat can be called into question because of its lightweight nature. Without reviews, however, it is hard to know for sure how durable of a mat it is.

    Portability: This jump rope mat is the most easily transported of any of the other 8 best jump rope mats on this list. It is light, easily rolled up and contains straps to keep the mat rolled up. If you are looking for a mat that is very easy to maneuver, this is the fitness mat for you.

    Length: This fitness mat is 2 feet in width and 6 feet in length, so it can be used for various different workouts and not just jumping rope.

    Thickness: This jump rope fitness mat is a ¼ of an inch in thickness.

    Reviews: There are no reviews yet for this exercise mat.

    Cost: $29.99

    Where to Buy: Net Nutri


  • 8. Houzz - PVC Foam Mat

  • The Houzz PVC Foam Mat is a durable, reliable jump rope mat that can be used for various kinds of workouts and for protecting the floors from heavy equipment. The best part about this jump rope mat is its durability. As it is designed to withstand pressure from heavy equipment, it is certain to hold up well if used for jumping rope. The main drawback of this jump rope mat is that it doesn’t have any reviews yet, but then again maybe you can be the first. Overall it is a nice fitness mat with no apparent defects.

    Grip: This mat has a nice grip, and you certainly won’t slip when using it. However, it isn’t as padded and as soft as some of the other jump rope mats. While some prefer a harder mat, it won’t support your joints and muscles from pain and injury the way some of the other 9 best jump rope mats might.

    Durability: As we have mentioned, durability is the number one quality of this mat and it could possibly be the most durable jump rope mat on this list. However, since we don’t have any reviews for this product, we can’t know for sure without trying it.

    Portability: We gave this exercise mat a “below average” rating on portability due to its product description not mentioning how easily it can be transported. The assumption is that it can be rolled up and transported without too much difficulty, but we simply just don’t know that to be a fact. It is also a slightly heavier mat at 7.5 lbs.

    Length: This exercise mat is 2.5 feet in width and 5 feet in length, which is a good size for jumping rope.

    Thickness: The product description for this mat does not mention it’s thickness, so we assumed the average ¼ inch thickness.

    Reviews: This exercise mat has not yet received any reviews.

    Cost: $38.99

    Where to Buy: Houzz


    What Our Grades Mean

    The grading factors that we have listed in the chart and each mat’s description are the most important factors to consider as it pertains to the quality of a jump rope mat. Here is a more in-depth description of what each factor means and why it is important.

    The Grip: The grip, meaning the surface/texture of the jump rope mat, is important because the right surface can help prevent injuries to your joints while jumping. Ideally, you want a surface that provides some flexibility and gives a little when you land, but not so soft that the mat slows down the jump rope as it travels underneath your feet.

    Size/Length: The size of each mat tells you how wide and how long the surface of the jump rope mat is. For jumping rope, you want a mat that is 2-3 feet in width and 3-5 feet in length. If you plan to use the mat for other fitness workouts that require more space, you will want a larger sized mat. However, the larger the mat the harder it will be to transport.

    Durability: The durability of a jump rope mat is determined by how well the mat has stayed in good quality over time. We determine the durability by researching the materials that the fitness mat is made of and what the reviews say.

    Portability/Weight: The main factor that we assess in determining how portable a jump rope mat is is the weight. The less the mat weighs, the easier it will be to transport the mat. However, there are other factors that we used to determine the portability of a mat, including how easily the mat rolls up and whether or not the mat has straps to keep the mat rolled up.

    Reviews: Reviews are arguably the most important factor to look at when choosing a jump rope mat. Although a mat with little to no reviews doesn’t necessarily mean a jump rope mat is bad, a jump rope mat with a lot of good reviews is almost certain to deliver. We considered the quantity and quality of the reviews when giving our ratings for each mat.

    Cost: While cost did not factor into our ratings and rankings, we understand that it is important factor to consider for buyers, which is why we include it into the chart. We have found that with fitness mats, there is very little correlation between higher prices and higher quality. Assess each jump rope mat individually and make the right decision for you.

    Thickness: The thickness of the mat refers to, well, how thick the mat is. Most jump rope mats are a ¼ of an inch thick. However, some mats can be as much as ¾ of an inch thick. Although we didn’t directly factor thickness into our rankings, it did however affect the way we viewed the durability, portability and grip of each mat.

    Brand: We didn’t reference the brand in the chart, but it was a slight factor into our decision. The more popular the brand, the higher trust factor we gave it. However, if a smaller brand had quality reviews, then brand quickly became a mute point.

    Why Choosing the Right Mat is Important

    So why does any of this matter? Why should you take the time to compare options and make sure you choose the right mat for you? Here we lay out those reasons, and you may find that having the right is more important than you originally thought.

    Helps to Avoid Knee Pain and Other Minor Injuries: When you jump rope off of cement, hardwood or any other type of hard surface, you can do damage and cause pain to your knees and ankles. It’s very important to have a softer landing to avoid these type of small injuries. At the same time, you don’t want something so soft(such as carpet) that will cause the rope to drag and slow down. That’s where jump rope mats come in. They provide the perfect surface to help you avoid injury while still allowing you to complete double unders.

    For more information on how to avoid knee pain when jumping rope, check out these four ways to do exactly that.

    Helps You to Perform Better and Jump Rope Faster: If you struggle with double unders and you don’t use a jump rope mat, that could be the reason why. As previously mentioned, having the right mat can give you the right surface to get the rope through the zone quickly. When you jump rope on a surface that is either too hard or too soft, it can make your workouts much more difficult.

    Helps You Feel More Comfortable: When you have a good jump rope mat, you just feel more confident when you jump rope. The sound that the jump rope makes on a jump rope mat is different and better than what you might get from cement or on a gym floor. It’s hard to describe, but trust me it’s much better. Also, it helps you stay in place without moving around too much while you jump rope. If you start to leave the mat, you can just quickly center yourself back on and keep up the good rhythm you’ve built.

    Other Jump Rope Accessories to Consider

    Here are a few other jump rope accessories to help you make your jump rope workouts even better.

    Jump Rope Shoes: Having the right pair of shoes to jump rope in can make a huge difference not just with the way you feel, but also with the way you perform. Also, having the right pair of jump rope shoes can help you prevent any pain or injuries from jumping rope that you might’ve experienced in the past.

    We will be releasing our best jump rope shoes guide later this week. Until then, check out this guide to the best jump rope shoes by Cross Training Pro.

    Jump Rope Timer:  A jump rope timer is a good way to keep track of your workout without having to constantly check your watch. There are several interval timers apps that you can get if you have a smartphone, so there is no excuse for you to ever go without one.

    Be Sure to Check Out Our Jump Ropes and Jump Rope Workouts

    We thank you for reading this article on the best jump rope mats. If you are in need of a quality, affordable jump rope, be sure to check out our ropes on this site that you are on right now. Just head over to “Our Ropes” and pick one you like.

    We also have complimentary jump rope workouts for you to try. Here a few that I would recommend if you are into Athletics, CrossFit or Long Distance Running. We have many more others so be sure to pick the one that is perfect for you in the workouts section of Rope City.

    Thank again for checking out this article. If you enjoyed it, we would love it if you’d help us out by sharing this on social media - all you have to do is click one of the share buttons below. Also feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

    And If we left a good jump rope mat off this list, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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    • ashikur

      Do you want to clean your foam gym mats to have a germ-free workout and wondering how to clean foam gym mats? If yes, then you have come to the right place. People use gym mats excessively. Workouts can be intense.

      All those running drills and core exercises mean that there is a lot of sweat. That sweat is going to accumulate on your mat. This sweat will essentially give rise to a colony of microbes.

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