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Let’s face it, sometimes going outside to exercise, or taking hours out of your life to drive to the gym and workout, can suck. Ultimately when these moments occur, we end up staying inside and watching Netflix, leaving all of our fitness goals to go by the wayside. It’s in moments like these where a good home workout could, and should, be the solution. There are numerous amounts of home workouts that can be completed all in the comfort of your own home with little to no equipment.


So for your benefit, I’ve compiled a list of the top 6 unique home cardio workouts that you can do on days you don’t want to leave the house. These ideas may be a little unorthodox, but they are sure to give you one hell of a workout. So now the next time it’s cold and rainy and you want to stay home, or it’s that night of the week when the gym is flooded with people that steal all of your favorite machines and you want to stay home, you can do so without neglecting your fitness goals. 

Stair Stepping

One fantastic way to achieve an intense cardio workout at home is stair stepping. If you have a set of stairs in your house, then you’re all set. There is a numerous amount of stair stepping workout videos available on Youtube, all you have to do is pick one you like and you’re ready to go. If you feel like freestyling it, you can simply run up and down the stairs for 20 minutes and still achieve one hell of a cardio workout.


If you don’t have a set of stairs in your house then that’s okay. All you need is something to step up and down from, whether it is a box, porch step, or cinder block it doesn’t matter; just search around your house and you should be able to find something that should work. Stair stepping is excellent for anyone who is wanting to burn calories and tone up their lower body, just be careful not to trip and fall while you are doing them.


A high intensity, fun home workout that gets overlooked all too often is dancing. If you’ve never been dancing, you’re missing out. Not only is it fun, but the ability to dance is a great talent to possess for special occasions. Sure it can be a little intimidating at first, but learning to dance is an amazing experience that you are certain to regret.

And do you want to hear the best part? You can achieve a much more intense workout by dancing then you can with just about any other workout. So do yourself a favor and start dancing. Not only will you begin to lose weight, you will begin to have a tremendous amount of fun and have a significant amount of more confidence the next time you are in a social situation that requires you to dance. If the social fears of dancing with a partner are too much, then simply dance in your room by yourself and no one will even know.


Source: shutterstock.com


A very unorthodox home workout, and one that most people would never think of, is cleaning. Cleaning is an excellent way to burn some unwanted weight, while at the same time cleaning your house. If you are someone, like I am, that despises the idea of cleaning but at the same time loves coming home to a clean house, then this is the home workout for you. Cleaning as a workout can make cleaning not feel like a chore.

So it’s a clever idea, but can you actually get a good cardio workout by cleaning? Absolutely! While you will obviously burn way more calories by doing a more intense workout, cleaning can be much healthier decision to make instead of laying on the couch and eating ice cream. So the next time you are at home feeling lazy, try cleaning for the purpose of losing some weight.

Jump Rope

One of the best ways, arguably the best way, to have a fantastic workout at home is to simply jump rope. It’s been proven that you burn more calories when you jump rope then you do when you run, and it’s actually kind of fun. Sure, you’ll probably stumble on the rope a few times, but there is no doubt that once you get the hang of it you will have yourself a fun, intense workout that is both cost efficient and time efficient.

So what do you need to jump rope? Well, quite simply all you need is a jump rope. If you wanted to do a timed jump rope workout, you may want to invest in a timer as well. Although, your phone can probably serve as a timer instead. So if you are looking for a good home workout and you have $15 to spend, I’d recommend purchasing a jump rope and you’ll be ready to get fit.


Another clever way to get in shape at home is boxing. If you live with a college roommate, spouse, sibling or friend, then get she or he to box with you and you’re guaranteed one fun, competitive evening of getting into shape. If you don’t live with anyone else, or you’re too scared you’ll get killed, you should consider investing in a boxing bag, and you can achieve the same goal.


Like many of these workouts, boxing is multifunctional. Not only will you achieve a great cardio workout, but you will also be more prepared to defend yourself if ever you need to do so. If boxing doesn’t interest you, you can also consider karate, wrestling or MMA as a fantastic way to complete a cardio workout.

Source: careerfitness.com

Dot Drill

The last home workout option I want to present, and one that you may or may not be familiar with, is an exercise called the dot drill. The dot drill is an agility exercise where you stand on a mat that has 5 dots and jump back and forth, hitting each dot as you go. It is a fantastic cardio workout that is sure to leave you winded after about 10 minutes.

So what does a dot drill workout look like? Well, there are plenty of workouts to follow on Youtube, or you can just free jump until exhaustion. While it can become redundant at times, it is an overall fun and unique way to gain cardio at home. Now you just need a dot drill mat. You can either buy one, or simply tape five dots to your living room floor.

Get Active

So as you can see there are numerous ways to achieve a solid workout without ever having to leave your house. The next time you try and come up with excuses with why you can’t go to the gym and therefore can’t workout, choose one of these home workouts and make that fitness goal become a reality.

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