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If you’re visiting this page then you probably already know what Insanity Asylum is, where to get it if you don’t already have it and exactly what all the hype is about. If that is you and you just need to know what equipment you need and some ideas on where you can get the equipment, then go ahead and skip down to the “What Insanity Asylum Equipment Will I Need” section.

If you’re new to the Insanity Asylum movement and want to know more about it, I dedicated the first part of this article to helping you learn more about what exactly it is, whether or not it works and where you can buy it. So, what exactly is this Insanity Asylum workout program everyone has been talking about? Let’s not waste anymore time and let’s dive right into it.

What is Insanity Asylum?

Insanity: The Asylum is a 30 day, intense workout program designed to help both men and women lose weight, strengthen and tone their abdominal muscles and improve one's overall cardiovascular health. Also, along with the workout videos is a 30 day workout calendar and a meal plan designed to help you lose weight during the month long workout.

The designer of the workout is a guy that goes by the name of Shaun T, a notorious health and fitness expert whose motivational abilities will have you never wanting to skip a workout. Over the course of his career as a prominent physical trainer, he has released several workout programs that have all been deemed successful, including Hip Hop Abs, Focus T25, Insanity Max: 30, Cize, Shaun Week and of course his Insanity series.

Shaun T’s workout programs, specifically Insanity Asylum, is perfect for anyone looking to shed some unwanted pounds while also toning up their muscles and drastically improving their overall health. However, there is one part of Shaun T’s Insanity Asylum Workout system that is essential to success that he can not teach you - hard work.

Hard work is the main component of this high intensity workout system, so if you are looking for a magic fix that allows you to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time without working hard, then this isn’t the workout for you and good luck finding the workout system that allows you to do so. However, if you dedicate yourself for the duration of the 30 days, you will certainly see results with this proven, successful Insanity Asylum workout program.

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Does It Work?

If you’ve been fooled by workout programs that talk a heavy game in the past, then you may be skeptical of the Insanity Asylum. However, their reviews speak for themselves, and they are almost all positive.

So what are the benefits? Why are the reviews so good?

Well, the first and most prominent benefit is weight loss. After the collection of numerous reviews, most people on average lose between 15-20 pounds and some have lost as many as 40 or more pounds with Insanity Asylum. But it isn’t enough for Insanity Asylum to just help you lose weight, the program also helps you to gain a tone body, particularly with your core. The system has been proven and backed with many great reviews that not only will you be able to lose weight, but you will also tighten your core as well.

Along with the blatant, obvious benefits of the Insanity Asylum workout are the less obvious benefits that are equally important. One less obvious benefit is with your overall cardiovascular health. While you will definitely feel better, this isn’t something that people notice just by looking at you as they will see with the previously mentioned benefits. However, it is even more important and a huge benefit of completing this workout program. Also, along with the improved overall health, you will begin to feel more confident. The better you look and the better you feel about yourself, the more confident you will be.

You can see the complete list of reviews here.

Where Do I Buy Insanity Asylum? How Much Does It Cost?

There are several websites that you can buy Insanity: The Asylum from. The first of which is directly from beachbody.com, the owner and maker of Insanity: The Asylum. You can also buy the program from Amazon or Ebay as well. You may be able to find it cheaper from these secondary websites, but you run the risk of the DVD program not having everything included that you will need to successfully complete Insanity Asylum.

What Insanity Asylum Equipment Will I Need?

Jump Rope

While we may be a bit biased, jumping rope is one of the best, if not the best, cardio workouts you can do. The Insanity Asylum understands this and heavily utilizes the jump rope in their program. This isn’t an item you can skip, so be sure to get one before you begin your workouts. Below you will see five jump rope options that we recommend.


Rope City Speed Jump Rope - The Rope City Speed Jump Rope is a great jump rope at a very affordable price. It has plastic handles and a PVC Coated Cable Wire. It is designed for both speed and ease of use, so it is perfect for those with and without jump rope experience.

Price: $9.99 (On Sale).

Where to Buy: Rope City


Beach Body Speed Rope - While the quality of reviews aren’t on par with many other jump ropes out there, this is the recommended jump rope for the Beach Body Insanity Asylum. It has an interesting, somewhat unique design and is available at a very affordable price.

Price: $9.95

Where to Buy: Beachbody

SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Jump Rope - This jump rope by Rogue Fitness is fairly durable and is easy to build up speed with due to the cable coated wire. The handles are made of Nylon and are fairly durable, and their reviews are very good. The only drawback is the price is slightly higher than desired.

Price: $21.95

Where to Buy: Rogue Fitness

RPM Session 3.0 - The RPM jump rope has arguably the most comfortable handles of these four options as it contains a knurled grip that makes for an easy hold. However, the best feature of this jump rope is it allows the option for customization. Although it contains all of the features you could possibly want, it does cost much more than the average jump rope.

Price: $85.00

Where to Buy: RPM Training

Speed and Agility Ladder

Speed and agility ladders are also an essential asset for Insanity Asylum workouts. Ladders are a key component to the workouts as they are a cardio exercise that improves one’s agility and coordination as well. Ladder work is the perfect compliment to all of the other exercises in the Insanity Asylum workouts and choosing the right ladder to use can be an important decision.


Beachbody Agility Ladder - The Beachbody agility ladder embodies exactly what you want want out of your agility ladder and is specifically designed for the Insanity Asylum Workouts. It is backed with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can’t go wrong if you decide to purchase this ladder.

Price: $19.95

Where to Buy: Beachbody

Net World Sports Speed and Agility Ladder - Very similar to the Beachbody agility ladder, this speed and agility ladder is very convenient and easy to use. It allows for adjustable rungs and variable lengths, so you can adjust it as needed. The best feature of this ladder is it’s inexpensive price of less than $8.

Price: $7.99

Where to Buy: Net World Sports

SKLZ Quick Ladder - This ladder can be found at most sporting good stores, including Academy Sports and Outdoors, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Hibbett Sports. Like the previous two, it is a very simple design with nylon straps. It also comes with a carry bag, ground stakes and an instructional DVD.

Price: $29.99

Where to Buy: Modell's Sporting Goods

Prosource Speed Agility Ladder - The Prosource speed and agility ladder is a great buy considering the quality of reviews and the inexpensive price. It has all of the features the previous three ladders offered and comes with a carry case as well.

Price: $10.99

Where to Buy: Pro Source

Chin Up Bar

Unless you have access to a quality, sturdy natural made chin up bar around your house or workout area, then you will need to invest in a chin up bar. Even if you have something you think you can do chin ups on, such as a porch roof, barn door, etc., it probably doesn’t allow for the various different grips that these products provide. So be sure and carefully assess where you plan to do your chin ups, and choose the right one for your workouts.


P90X Chin Up Bar - The P90X Chin Up Bar is just about the highest quality chin up bar you will find. It’s design allows for multiple different grip types which allows you to work different muscles. It easily hooks onto most doors and can hold up to 300 pounds.

Price: $59.85

Where to Buy: Beachbody

Sunny Health and Fitness Doorway Chin Up Bar - This chin up bar is great for those who are trying to save a lot of money on a chin up bar. While it doesn’t offer some of the features that the P90X bar offers, it gets the job done for chin ups and pull ups for a low price of $13.99

Price: $13.99

Where to Buy: Bed, Bath and Beyond

Joist Mount Pull Up Bar - This chin up bar offered by fitnessequipmentstore.com is great for someone who has accessible space available in their garage. The benefit - and drawback - of this chin up bar is that you have to mount it to a wall by screwing it in.. A garage wall works great for this.

Price: $59.99 (On Sale)

Where to Buy: Fitness Equipment Store

Gold’s Gym 5 in 1 Door Gym Trainer - This chin up bar offered at walmart is an easy to use product as it hooks on almost every door. However, the drawback with this chin up bar would be the reviews as it only has a 3 star average on Walmart’s website. With that said, the versatility and the price are hard to beat.

Price: $17.84

Where to Buy: Walmart

Chin Up Assistance Bands

If you’re a tough guy who thinks they don’t need assistance bands to help complete your chin ups think again. The Insanity Asylum is more than likely much harder than any plyometric workout you’ve ever done before, and it can be good to have some chin up assistance bands to help you complete all of your reps with good form.


ETHOS Pull Up Assist - The Ethos Pull Up Assist Bar is a great, reliable choice for a chin up assistance band. It includes 3 medium-level resistance bands, and you can easily adjust the resistance level based on your fatigue. This great deal is available for just $29.99

Price: $29.99

Where to Buy: Dick's Sporting Goods

P90X Chin Up Max - This chin up assistance band is specifically designed for Insanity Asylum workouts. Sold by Beachbody, the P90X Chin Up Max has easily adjustable resistance levels, a safety hook, a non-slip foot stirrup and heavy duty buckle for safety and support.

Price: $39.90

Where to Buy: Beachbody

Serious Steel Fitness Resistance Stretch and Assisted Pull-Up Band - This assistance band is made up of 100% natural latex and provides a variety of options for resistance. This band is arguably more durable than the average resistance rope and is available at a reasonable price.

Price: $38.90

Where to Buy: Google Express

Sports Deal Box Assisted Pull Up Band - This set of assisted pull up bands comes with five different bands for varied resistance levels. Although they don’t have many reviews, there is little to no reason to doubt their quality and durability, and the set is available at a low price of $15.79.

Price: $15.79

Where to Buy: Sports Deal Box

Loop Resistance Bands

Loop resistance bands is often times an equipment item that gets neglected when considering what all equipment you will need to complete your Insanity Asylum workouts, but it is important to have them. They are used in almost every Insanity Asylum workout, and it can derail your workout if you don’t have them. So don’t get stuck cutting your workout short, and invest in a good pair of loop resistance bands.


Black Mountain Products Loop Resistance Exercise Bands - Sold at Hayneedle, these loop resistance bands come in a set of 5 bands that are made of a durable, rubber construction. They are multicolored to highlight the varying resistance levels, and the set also comes with a travel bag.

Price: $11.74 (On Sale)

Where to Buy: Hayneedle

Mansion Athletics Strength Band - These strength bands by Mansion Athletics are made of 100% latex and come in a set of seven different bands with varying resistance levels. Each closed loop is 41 inches long and is designed to resist breakage.

Price: $18.11

Where to Buy: Mansion Athletics

Walmart Resistance Loop Bands - If you want to go pick up your resistance loop bands today instead of waiting for them to be delivered, these resistance loop bands are available in store at most Walmarts. It comes in a set of four - light, medium, heavy and extra heavy and offers free shipping.

Price: $9.99

Where to Buy: Walmart

Beachbody Strength Bands - These resistance bands offered by Beachbody are the recommended strength bands for Insanity Asylum. They come in a set of three - beginner, medium and heavy - and are available at a very inexpensive price of only $6.95.

Price: $6.95

Where to Buy: Beachbody

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of the more important Insanity Asylum equipment items to have. Most workouts require them, and the workouts will become very hard to complete without them. Below are four very nice resistance band sets, so just choose the one you like best and go with it. I’ve included several different price options to choose from to fit your exact budget.


Houzz Resistance Band Set - The Houzz Resistance Band Set by Black Mountain Products is a great choice for Insanity Asylum resistance bands. The bands are made of high quality rubber and are very durable. It comes with five resistance bands, two handles, door anchor, carrying bag, ankle strap and exercise manual. With all of the accessories you receive included, the price is currently a very affordable $26.99.

Price: $26.99 (On Sale)

Where to Buy: Houzz

Sports Research Performance Resistance Bands - This set of resistance bands by Sports Research comes with five resistance bands, two foam handles, two ankle straps, a mesh bag, a door anchor and a training guide. They are very similar to the Black Mountain Products Resistance Bands except they, in my opinion, are of slightly higher quality but also a higher price.

Price: $37.95

Where to Buy: iHerb

Beachbody B-Lines Super Kit - This set of resistance is the one sold along with the Insanity Asylum workout itself, so it is definitely capable of accomplishing everything you need to accomplish.The set consists of three resistance bands and two sets of handles.

Price: $39.85

Where to Buy: Beachbody

Bespolitan Resistance Band Set - This set is offered at Walmart, so it is easily accessible if you don’t want to wait on shipping. It includes five stackable resistance bands, two handles, a door anchor, a carrying bag and an exercise manual. While the quality might not be on par with the other options, it is available for a low price of $14 plus free shipping.

Price: $14.00

Where to Buy: Walmart

Fitness Mat

Fitness mats are good to own to prevent tearing up your floors if you do the workout in your house, and they can just be a comfortable place to do your workouts, which you will quickly find is a nice luxury with Insanity Asylum. So if you plan to workout at home or on a concrete surface outside, be sure to invest in a quality, durable fitness mat like the four options below.


Nordictrack Black Fitness Equipment Mat - This fitness mat is offered by Sears and offers free shipping or in store pick up. The dimensions are 78.7” by 36” by 4 mm. It has very good reviews and offers a product warranty in case of damage.

Price: $39.99

Where to Buy: Sears


Bowflex Equipment Mat - This workout mat by Bowflex is available at Walmart and has dimensions of 78” x 37”. While pickup for this item is not available, Walmart offers free two day shipping.  The mat is made of thick, non stick rubber and is very durable.

Price: $75.59

Where to Buy: Walmart

Beachbody Jump Mat - This 71” by 26” mat is the Beachbody fitness mat that accompanies the Insanity Asylum Equipment. While you might be able to find a higher quality mat or a better deal on a mat, you can’t go wrong with this Beachbody Jump mat, and it is certain to allow you to complete the Insanity Asylum workouts.

Price: $59.85

Where to Buy: Beachbody

ProForm Equipment Floor Mat - This floor mat is different in it’s dimensions as it is a 40” by 80”. It is constructed of a durable vinyl and provides great floor protection. This floor mat offers free shipping and can be bought at a reasonable price.

Price: $49.00

Where to Buy: Pro Form

Let Us Know What You Think

What’s your favorite Insanity Asylum workout equipment? Let us know in the comments below.

This article consists of all the necessary Insanity Asylum equipment that you will need to complete the workouts. If you want to check out some other equipment that is good for Insanity Asylum workouts, foam rollers, foam door guards, cones and towels are a few other items that can be beneficial. However, if you have these seven items and a strong work ethic, then you can complete the Insanity Asylum workouts with no problem.

To accompany the Insanity Asylum workouts, check out our Jump Rope Workout for Weight Loss and our Jump Rope Workout for CrossFit for some other high intensity workout ideas.

Also, be sure to stretch properly before and after your workouts as they can be quite strenuous. Check out these 12 stretches for some stretching ideas.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Let us know if you did by commenting below or help us out by sharing this article on your social media.

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