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You may have never heard the name Cen Xiaolin, but if you’ve ever jump roped before, you’ve probably tried to be him at some point in your life. Cen Xiaolin, by record and definition, is the fastest jump roper in the world.

In 2015, when Xiaolin was only 11 years old, he set the world record for the most jumps in a 30 second period and a three minute period while at the World Inter-School Rope Skipping Championship in Dubai.

Cen Xiaolin, who is from China, competed against contestants all across the world, including the countries Austria, Belgium, China, India, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan and the United States.

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While Cen Xiaolin is now known as a jump rope star, he hasn’t always been that way. Initially, Xiaolin joined his school rope skipping team to help gain confidence as he had been struggling academically at his school.

I would say his confidence quickly grew as it became evidently clear that Xiaolin was athletic enough to be a jump rope champion. Although, that was never his goal.

After setting world records at the international jump rope competition, Xiaolin said this: “At the beginning I didn’t like [rope skipping]. But then I grew to be fond of it, I feel I can do so many different styles, it’s really fun.”

In other words, Cen Xiaolin became the champion he is today by using jump rope as a release from the stresses education in China can bring, and the fun he began to have quickly led him to become the world’s fastest jump roper.

Cen Xiaolin’s Jump Rope World Records

At the World Inter-School Rope Skipping Championship in 2015, Cen Xiaolin set the record for the most jumps in a 30 second period when he jump roped 216 times within the time span.

Xiaolin’s performance was so incredible, the judging panel requested video footage to confirm that the number was correct - and indeed it was. To put the staggering number into perspective the world’s fastest jump roper averaged 7.3 jumps per second. Now check out the video, but I must warn you that it might make your head spin. 


 The other record that Cen Xiaolin set at the event was for the most jumps in a span of three minutes, in which he was able to jump 1,100 times within the three minute period. This astounding record translates to a pace of slightly over 6.1 jumps per second.

And let’s not forget, he was only 11.


The World Inter-School Rope Skipping Organization

The World Inter-School Rope Skipping Organization, which is where Cen Xiaolin set the amazing jump rope records for fastest jump roper, attracts the world’s best jump ropers and is a truly remarkable event, attracting talent from all around the globe.

The jump roping event is now held annually. This year’s World Inter-School Rope Skipping Competition will be held in Hong Kong, China from October 17, 2018 to October 21, 2018.

As stated on their website, “The main goal of the championship is to inspire school children to lead an active lifestyle, to meet and share experiences with their peers from different cultures through Jump Rope Skipping, as well as to perform and prove their ability on an international level.”

If you’re a jumper who feels as if you can take down this seemingly impossible to break world record of Cen Xiaolin or you just want to see how you stack up against the world’s fastest jump ropers, then you can register for the competition on their website https://www.interschoolropeskipping.org/competition.

How to Get Faster at Jumping Rope and Get Like Cen Xiaolin

Now, whether you plan to go up against Cen Xiaolin and test your skills at this year’s competition in Hong Kong or you just want to get faster and smoother so that your jump rope workouts are more productive, there are several ways that you can practice in order to improve.

The first thing of course is you have to actually practice. Even if it is for a short 5 minutes a day, try and jump rope every day. By doing so, you begin to develop the muscle memory needed to stay consistent even when your body starts to fatigue.

Secondly, you have to choose the right workout. We have a great variety here on our website to choose from. If you’re a beginner, I recommend trying out our Jump Rope Workout for Beginners.

Lastly, you will need to practice using good form and technique. Check out our Jump Rope Basics to help you learn the proper jump rope technique.

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